2004, c. 28, p. 46. (i) the member is excluded or has the right to terminate his or her membership in the legal profession of that jurisdiction, 62 (1) The Association shall operate a mandatory professional liability claims program in accordance with this section and §§ 63 and 64 and may implement a voluntary franchise program. (2) If, under this Act or the regulations, a person appointed under subsection 1 of this section is suspended or suspended for a period of time from the practice of the profession as a result of a determination that the lawyer has committed professional misconduct, legal conduct or incompetence, the appointment of that person as Her Majesty`s legal counsel in the Province of Nova Scotia is immediately revoked and Must not be repeated at any time: be included. However, the Lieutenant Governor may renew the term of office of the person in accordance with this section. (2) Counsel may permit qualified lawyers from other Canadian jurisdictions to practise law in British Columbia and promote cooperation with governing bodies of the legal profession in other Canadian jurisdictions by doing one or more of the following: 48 A member of the Society commits professional misconduct under this Act if, (2) The Association shall have all necessary powers, In order to carry out the mandatory professional liability claims program, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Association may: (2) The Corporation may request or retain legal or other assistance to conduct an investigation under Part 2, 3 or 4 or to provide an estimate and may be represented by counsel at each hearing. (4) The relationship between a law firm that carries on business under this Part and the Rules and a person that receives legal services provided by the company is subject to all applicable laws relating to fiduciary, confidential and ethical relationships between a lawyer and a client. If a panel finds a member guilty of professional misconduct or improper conduct against a lawyer or student, it may do one or more of the following: 81 (1) A bar association has the right to provide legal services to the public through one or more persons, each (iii) being a corporation whose share capital is legally and economically owned by one of those persons. subparagraphs (i) or (ii); (4) The Corporation shall indemnify any person referred to in subparagraph 1 or 2 against all costs or expenses incurred by that person in defending himself or herself against legal proceedings instituted against him or her in his capacity under this Act.

2004, c. 28, p. 81; 2010, c. 56, p. 22. (m) “exclusion” means the withdrawal of a lawyer`s membership in the Company following the discovery of professional misconduct, legal conduct or incompetence; Unless expressly provided otherwise, a reference in another Act or regulation, rule, statute or order under another Act to a lawyer, advocate, advocate or other person authorized to practise law shall be deemed to be a reference to a limited practitioner if the limited practitioner is authorized to provide the legal services referred to in that provision. The Société may enter into a group insurance contract under which the insurer is required to settle, in whole or in part, any loss of professional indemnity that would otherwise be payable out of the claims fund and to bear all or part of the costs of correcting, settling and paying a professional liability claim. including attorneys` fees and costs. (a) a professional liability compensation plan established, administered, maintained and operated by the advisors in accordance with subsection 30(2), or (ii) the costs of adjusting, paying and paying a professional compensation claim, including attorneys` fees and costs; (d) any other participation in the company`s share capital is legally and economically held by: 5. A person or his legal representative who could have claimed money from a lawyer or law firm without paragraphs 1 and 2 may claim the money from the company.