This fast can be observed by both men and women. The fruits of this vrat are more beneficial for married women than for girls. After the beginning of this fast, it is observed continuously for 11 or 21 Fridays. When is the right time and day to start fasting??? a good day like Ashtami or Navratras? HelloI live in Melbourne. I did Ma laxmi`s almost. I completed 11 fasts. I want to do Udayapan next Friday because I have already completed 11 fasts. I don`t know many people here. How many ladies should I invite to Udayapan.

Can you please also explain the Udayapan Vidhi to me. Thank you and greetings for the Vrat, should we only eat a sweet dish or can we have some salt, actually in Vrats I used to have a sweet breakfast in the morning, fruit for lunch and salt for dinner, but maa luxmi vrat I can do the same pls everyone sends me the vaibahv laxmi vrat katha with all the rules n aarti in Hindi on my email id( n pls let me know if I can`t collect 7 married women for vrat compliment what can I do then? Hi, Sonu, I am a widow, can I also keep the fast because Pandit ji asked me to keep the fast of Goddess Laxmi Ji every Friday. And can I do the pooja around 19:00 in the evening, since I only return at this time. Thank youWaiting for your reply please tell me viabhav laxmi vrat vidhi and katha and mahatva I clearly mentioned in the FAQs, if you can`t fast all day, you can and twice. At the beginning of the fast, it is necessary to make the resolution of the number of fasts. After completing the decided number of fasts, Udyapan (conclusion) must be performed by Vrat. If one does not do udyapan, the fruit of fasting will not be reached. Hi Sonu, please I keep almost Friday, I can still stay fast when my daughter is menstruating. Ma lakshmi aapni kirpa banye rakna mujhe aapna vart rakhne ki shakti dena jai ma vaibhav laxmi….

Mayor Manokamna Puri Karna Jai Ma Vaibhav Laxmi. Hi Sonu, please help. I took Sankalp to fast 11 Fridays to be allowed for exams, but unfortunately I did not erase, so I should now extend it to 21 or do Udhyapan and start again with 5 or 7 Fridays. Please reply soon as I plan to extend or do Udhyapan next Friday. I did so many Fridays with the Laxmi Yantra and nothing went wrong with me. I hope this has dispelled your doubts. You can do 11 or 21 Fridays. I`m not sure what other people are saying, and people make their own rules and follow, so it`s always best to follow what`s in the book you have. If there are 10 different people, there are 10 different opinions. Please tell me about Vaibhav Lakshmi fasting How can I take Vrat on this day, what is edible or what is ignored Food Please tell everything about this fast from top to bottom Please send it to my email ID.

in Hindi thank you Dear Sonu, I have already started this vart and I did it for 2 weeks. My problem is that if I stay fast even half a day, I will have one or the other health problem. I am a working woman. I have to get up early in the morning at 4:00 a.m. to get ready for office, and I get home at 2:30 p.m. Please let me know if I can perform this vrat without fasting. Hello, it`s ragini. I have another question. Some people have told me that if we keep the Sri Chakra, we have to do PPOJA and special mantras.

Please tell me. I started the Vaibhav Lakshmi Pooja 1 week and kept the photo of Sri Chakra near my divine realm. Is regular pooja enough for God or is a special pooja needed. After the Vrat, what I have to do with the chakra photo. Please answer. Thank you Sonuji. May Goddess Vaibhavlaxmi maa grant my wish. Congratulations. May Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi bless me soon with a child 🙂 After fasting all day, at noon, a person can have fruit, and a meal should be eaten in the evening.

In the evening, after sunset, during Pradosh Kal and Stall Lagana time, the fast of Mata Lakshmi should be stopped. Hi sonu, A very nice blog, And really very nice person that you are since you are alwaz there to solve questions for people like us :)I would like to ask you above that today my 4th vrat and usually I dine with Prasad after doing all the puja. But this Friday, my boyfriend invited me to dinner, so am I welcome to do puja and have prasad and dinner with my friends? Is it like I`m making rules? Hi sonu jiI want to start so fast. I live in the United Arab Emirates. I can start my fast here in the UAE and Udyapan in India. because it is a bit difficult to find married women here for Udyapan Hi, I did two fast, and next week I have to travel and I will not be home. Can I come back and move on or I have to start my fast again because I haven`t finished the first three. Please lead hello. I am 6 months pregnant.

Can I do vaibhavlaxmi vrat. Hi Ragini, I didn`t mention the Shri chakra anywhere, what you see in my picture is Shree Yanta, also in the book it is clearly mentioned that if you bend your head every day on the Shree Yantra, it brings prosperity. I`m not sure what your friends are talking about, don`t be confused and whatever puja you do. Do it wholeheartedly, even if you are scared or worried. If you feel that you want to remove this photo and put it in the temple, all you need for the puja is laxmiji image and other pictures are in the book. The peculiarity of this fast is that both men and women can observe this fast. There is another feature of this fast, the person who observes this fast receives both wealth and happiness. This fast is favorable to let the goddess Lakshmi live in the house. Vaibhav Lakshmi is said to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and is revered for peace, prosperity and happiness. Many followers observe the Friday fast or Vrat, which is for the planet Venus. This day is dedicated to the mother goddess Mahalakshmi, Santoshi Maa, Annapurneshwari and Durga.

If for some reason the vrat cannot be maintained, for example due to untouchability, i.e. The death takes place in the family of the devotee or is on tour, then the vrat can be observed the following Friday in the residence of the devotee. At the end of the observance of the Vrat, for 11 or 21 Fridays, as decided at the time of the oath, the Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrat books are given to 7, 11, 21, 51 or 101 women, and in this way the Vrat of Vaibhava Lakshmi would spread and the goddess Lakshmi would be extremely happy. I am very interested in the execution of this Vart-Puja. Now I live in a rented apartment (2nd floor). My landlord passed away only 2 months before, they live on the 3rd floor. In this situation, can I do vaibhab laxmi vart in my apartment? I am a heartbreaking girl, I want to know if I can keep Vaibhav lakshmi vrat because I have to go to the office every day and I come home at 7:30. What must I do??????????? Hi Sonuji, last Friday, I forgot it was my 11th. The fast was, I was pregnant when I started and I couldn`t finish it last year. I just started doing it again, but it wasn`t regular.

Should I just start counting again? Help, please. Thank youShanti Also, the fasting person should get up early in the morning and clean the house. A house or place where cleanliness is not maintained, the dose goddess Lakshmi does not live there. After 16 days of fasting, Udyapan should be performed, where you should invite 16 women, apply Kumkum, give gifts, Prasadam, Bindi, Kheer & Vaibhav Lakshmi books. The fast of Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi is celebrated on Friday to receive the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. On Fridays, the Mata Santoshi fast is also observed. Both fasts are observed on the same day. But the method of observing the two fasts is different, and the purpose of these two fasts is also different.

Come and let us know how Maa Vaibhav Lakshmi`s fast is observed. People who observe this fast should wake up early in the morning, do household chores and clean the house. Then Ganga Jal must be scattered around the house. An idol of Goddess Lakshmi, made of silver, is to be placed in Ishan Kon (northeasterly direction) of the house. Shri Yantra should also be placed and tilted. And if we take the name Ashtalakshmi, we should love it. The Ashtalakshmi names are: Dhan Lakshmi (Vaibhav Lakshmi), Gaj Lakshmi, Adhi Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Veer Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Santan Lakshmi, etc. Sonu, can I drink tea or coffee during fasting, because Udhyapan vrat is made with a married woman.

Men do not sit in Pooja, but if you are a fasting man, then you can pray as usual, but Prashad should only be given to married women. In the southern regions of India, this fast is known as Vaibhav Lakshmi Vratam. In the Hindu religion, Mahalakshmi is particularly revered.