The Attorney General is Illinois` general counsel and is responsible for protecting the public interests of the state and its residents. The Attorney General offers services that cover a wide range of topics and reach every corner of Illinois. The Attorney General`s Child Support Enforcement Division, in partnership with the Department of Public Welfare, enforces child support in 89 counties in the state of Illinois. Prairie State Legal Services – Prairie State Legal Services provides free legal services to low-income individuals and those over the age of 60. You have an office conveniently located in downtown Rockford. The availability of a civil lawyer can make all the difference for our neighbours struggling to stay home, escape domestic violence, get benefits for veterans or people with disabilities, or many other legal challenges that are central to their safety and well-being. Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic – The Zeke Giorgi Clinic provides pro bono services to low-income people, seniors, victims of violence and other disadvantaged groups of people. We`ve compiled a list of legal resources to help you if you need a Rockford, IL, pro bono attorney. The Legal Self-Help Center provides accurate and up-to-date information on Illinois law and litigation. A browser is provided to help you use available computer and printing resources. Note that the browser cannot provide legal advice or tell anyone which forms to use. A navigator is available to help with L-F 8:00-5:00 materials.

Provides free legal advice to eligible victims of domestic violence. The clinic represents victims of domestic violence who have been abused by a family or household member. We offer assistance in the following areas: obtaining a protection order – defending against a protection order that has been wrongly issued, assistance with other matters arising from the circumstance of the abuse, such as deportation. Mediation – Hospital lawyers and students mediate small cases, child visits, and deportations. These mediations are submitted to us by the judge in court. Pro Se Divorce Clinic staff provide information about the divorce process, help people complete divorce paperwork, and explain how to prepare for an uncontested divorce hearing in court. The clinic`s services in this area are for informational purposes only. Prairie State Legal Services provides free legal advice to low-income individuals and those over the age of 60 who have serious civil law problems and need legal help to resolve them. In general, Prairie state staff seek to be available for legal matters that affect a household`s ability to meet its basic human needs for protection from violence and abuse, access to medical care, income to live on, or access to adequate affordable housing. Our mission is to “provide or coordinate quality legal services to low-income individuals, families and groups.” Throughout its history, Prairie State has focused on providing legal services to the most vulnerable groups in our society, the poor, the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, and other vulnerable people. Winnebago County Bar Association – The WCBA maintains a long list of all types of local legal resources.

Pro Legal Care LLC is a for-profit corporation and we generally do not accept pro bono work. We offer a range of à la carte legal services that can help you keep your costs to a minimum, and we offer flexible payment plans for those who qualify. However, there are costs to retain the services of a Pro Legal Care LLC lawyer. Illinois Attorney General Legal Assistance Referrals – The Illinois Attorney General maintains its own comprehensive list of mutual legal assistance referrals in Rockford, Chicago, and Downstate. It is a great resource. The mission of the District Attorney`s Office is to serve the interests of the people of Winnebago County by fairly prosecuting violations of Illinois criminal laws and Winnebago County ordinances, listening to the concerns of victims and witnesses arising from such violations, and providing legal services to all Winnebago County government offices. Prairie State Legal Services offers free legal aid to low- and middle-income individuals. WCBA operates a lawyer placement service. Recommendations are made by phone daily from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00.

There is a fee of $35.00, payable in advance for a half-hour consultation with a lawyer in their office. Information on references is also available on the WCBA website. Every day, Illinois residents are denied the basic rights to which they are entitled under the law simply because they cannot afford a lawyer. It`s our mission to change that. The Boone County Court Named Special Advocate (CASA) program was established in 1991 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting abused, neglected and dependent children throughout Boone County. Volunteer lawyers are appointed by the court to act as guardians for children ad Litem (GAL). They conduct a thorough investigation into the minor`s situation, including visiting the house and talking to anyone who may have relevant information.