It`s a simple concept: take a race car and make it road legal by adding turn signals, headlights and other equipment required by local authorities and the inspection station. In the South, legal NASCAR street racers are a relatively common genre of training toys. But an IndyCar is at a different level of difficulty – open-wheel, single-seater and with an inaccessible engine that is actually part of the chassis itself. Who doesn`t dream of racing on the circuit in a Formula 1 car? Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to participate in this exciting sport, but we can certainly create a road-legal IndyCar that will make you turn your eyes on the highway. Don`t believe us? Meet Dean Loucks, an artist who converted a Formula 1 car to a road-legal IndyCar! This beauty on wheels attracts a lot of attention at gas stations and on the road. A less glorious version of his old racing ego, but still far more spectacular than anything we own! This Formula 1 tram may not show much on race tracks, but it`s certainly handy when you need to impress people. This is a great conversation start and will definitely help you break the ice with the neighbors when you move into a new home. Who wouldn`t want to take a picture of this former race track hero who is now setting the streets on fire? It`s hard to believe it`s a road-legal IndyCar that`s no longer used for racing because it seems to be in such good condition. When Dean bought this beautiful car, it was already legal on the road, but in pretty bad condition. Dean and his team spent hours polishing and cutting the car and giving it dazzling features. More than 1000 hours were spent adapting the race car and making it as beautiful as it is today.

This is a certain obligation, given that most of us have an attention span of just a few seconds. From redesigning the exterior to overhauling the battery starting and charging mechanism, Dean put a lot of effort into this mammoth task. However, the end result more than makes up for all the work of love! For example, if the car was street legal in Illinois, it would have to have full fender flares covering all four tires. Then one night, he made the innocent decision to check some car listings online. He didn`t intend to buy anything (but we all know how to do it). “I opened eBay and clicked on an offer,” he said. “There was this 2001 Reynard Road Course Car without an engine for $15,000. I offered him $13,500 and now I am here two years later.

“They can`t believe their eyes,” Mariz said. “They think it was towed and people are more concerned about how I managed to get it on the road.” “Legal Indycar! 1 made of CUSTOM, beautiful & FAST! Amazing and usable – $89995 (Milwaukee),” reads the ad title. That said, the 6.2 is likely at least 450 horsepower, in a car that weighs around 1,600 pounds in the racing version. “I only executed it five times,” he says. “Those were probably five of the best days of my life, but if you had told me I would buy an IndyCar again, I would have told you you were crazy.” A unique and unique ride on Las Vegas Boulevard or through the Hoover Dam would make it – and you, the driver – an absolute sight to behold. Last winter, Cheney had the car painted in its original Visteon livery at Andretti Autosport in Indianapolis. When he arrived to retrieve the car, the body was still removed, so he helped attach it to the store`s pristine garage. It was a moment when you pinch yourself. “I thought, `I`m 63 years old and I`m working on my car at Andretti Autosports,`” Cheney said.

This car has been my dream since I was a child. I`ve always wondered if you could put a Chevrolet V8 in an IndyCar and drive it on the road. And now I`m doing it here. And then there were a few million other things. Cheney configured the buttons on the steering wheel`s AIM data acquisition system to operate the headlights, turn signals and horn. He installed Mickey Thompson tires, which are a few inches higher than the original racing rubber, to buy valuable ground clearance. He made license plate holders, and now, incredibly, everything works, even if the Reynard expands the definition of technical control. The LS1 was about four inches too long, so Cheney borrowed real estate from the room allocated to the 35-gallon fuel cell. Then he machined an inch and a half of the transaxle and stretched the wheelbase a bit. Machine a custom adapter plate for the gearbox, and that`s it.

Well, not quite. And when we have an answer from the owner, we will give you a little more information about the car, how it was built, its history, and more. “The turning radius is very wide and the pedals are so narrow that I have to wear my ballerina shoes,” says Cheney. “When you get into one of these cars for the first time, it`s barbaric. But within minutes, you start merging with it and it feels natural. You think and it turns. “People brake like they`ve seen a UFO,” Mariz Jr. said. “It`s like they`re thinking, `Am I in a video game? Now, you`re probably wondering why a car is advertised in the Milwaukee area in Las Vegas. To satisfy the police, Dean introduced a key ignition system that makes the car more road friendly.

The car`s original 2.65-liter Toyota V8 was long gone, and in any case, probably would have cost a lot more than the car itself. So Cheney got a compact modern V8, a 6.2-liter GM LS engine from a 2011 Camaro SS. At the time, CART was the best form of open-wheel racing in North America. It was a precursor to today`s NTT IndyCar Series. Well, if you live, say, in Dubai, there will probably be additional shipping costs. (But if you live in Dubai, you can probably afford to buy a real Indy car for probably half a million dollars.) “People need to understand that it`s not that hard, because like everything in life, if you insist on it, you`re going to get it,” Mariz said. “It may not be in your time, but you will.” “You have to come in and drive him at some point, and you pray to God that everything is fine,” Mariz said. “Putting it together is one thing, but putting everything in place is another.” After about three weeks of 18-hour days at the car, the process was completed on November 12, just two days before the auto show. People of all ages gathered to catch a glimpse of the car that Brazilian Roberto Moreno drove for Patrick Racing during the 2001 CART season. I was alerted to an ad on the Craigslist Las Vegas website and reviewed it. Of course, the story is legitimate. He also had to remove a tiny flywheel and starter from the dusty shelves of an IndyCar parts supplier and figure out how to connect the front and rear parts of the car.

“An LS shouldn`t be a stressed member,” he says. “So we screwed together a front bracket and a skid plate under that screw and formed a frame independent of the motor.” “I`m self-taught,” Mariz said. “People say mechanics usually have to change parts, but I go a long way by choosing numbers, computers and all those things. It`s a gift and I love it very much. Being close to high-performance cars allows him to mix both his passion and his God-given manufacturing ability. With so much sweat and time spent giving this car a makeover, Dean isn`t ready to sell it for less than its true value. He says that in his opinion, this car is worth at least $150,000; After all, it is a unique masterpiece. Dean has received several offers in the range of $80,000, but he`s adamant about what this car means to him. If you have that kind of money, you should invest it in this gorgeous race car.

You may not be able to win the Grand Prix, but driving this Formula 1 road car for one lap is still worth the Big 150! – Click here for more crazy car constructions! “All my life I`ve always done this kind of thing for myself and never for the public, but two years ago I started doing it for my friends,” Mariz said. “I just kept showing what I`ve always done. Oh, one more thing: Although the car is titled and registered in Nevada, the ad says the current owner will be willing to ship it to you (within reason, probably) – FREE! Antonio Mariz junior saw with his own eyes how people react to such a situation; Except that he was the one who was behind the wheel of the race car. Of all the conversations Mariz had with people about the car during the auto show, the most common sentiment shared was one of disbelief. The IndyCar has a General Motors LS1 engine and has various other features, such as front and taillights that allow it to be driven on public roads. But if you think that with nearly $90 tires at Indy, Sonoma or Long Beach, you can rub shoulders with IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden or 2016 champion Simon Pagenaud, forget it. The car will not pass this kind of technology. His goal was to drive an IndyCar on the road, not to set lap records.

Also, considering the exoticism of the rest of the car, the engine could at least be a known quantity. “The last thing you want to do with a project like this is put a ton of money into building something a thousand horsepower,” he says. But now it`s true: if you have $89,995, you can now own your own Indy car built from scratch — with just 2,300 original miles — and drive it down the road like a regular commuter ride! If I had a dollar for every racing fan who told me how much he or she would love to own a real Indy car, I could retire to Hawaii tomorrow.