In southern Brazil, there is also Rede Evangelizar é Preciso (State of Paraná), a radio network that is part of Rede Evangelizar de Comunicação de l`Associação Evangelizar é Preciso, a non-profit organization with the support of the Archdiocese of Curitiba (State of Paraná). It was designed in 2005 by Father Reginaldo Manzotti. As one of Brazil`s largest record retailers (ABPD, 2016), Father Manzotti is also Dean of Santuário Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe. The show Experiência de Deus, hosted by Manzotti, has been broadcast since September 2004. According to the network`s website, more than 1,500 radio stations in Brazil and other countries currently broadcast the program live from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., with reruns from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

from Monday to Saturday. The list of retransmitters is available on the website. The Rede Católica de Rádio (Catholic Radio Network) was founded in 1994 at the headquarters of SEPAC (Pastoral Service of Communication) in São Paulo and is an association of networks linked to the organs of the Catholic Church and secular stations of Christian inspiration. It consists of seven major production bases that produce and distribute content and programming for more than a thousand stations (with small programs) and generate chain transmissions for more than 430 radio stations across the country. Another radio associated with an already traditional Catholic communication group in Brazil is Rede Canção Nova (State of São Paulo), which belongs to the Comunidade Canção Nova, a Catholic community of charismatic renewal founded by Father Jonas Abib and recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an international private association, with its own legal entity, based in Cachoeira Paulista (State of São Paulo) and affiliated with the Diocese of Lorena. The community is an association of Christians, priests and deacons who are committed to living a radical consecration of God resulting from their baptism and confirmation, focusing on the ministry of apostle, in a community life. Their first radio station was acquired in 1980 and now they have 27 stations in 8 states that broadcast their program partially or completely, reaching a large part of the Brazilian territory with short, medium and tropical waves, in addition to satellite dishes and Internet. They also have a transmitter in Portugal. Canção Nova radio and television stations are officially named Fundação João Paulo II. The fourth is Rede Sul de Rádio (Tua Rádio/Scalabriana), inaugurated in 1999. It currently comprises twelve stations north and northeast of Rio Grande do Sul and west of Santa Catarina.

It comes from the ancient Rede Scalabriniana (Rio Grande do Sul), which was formed by 5-hour stations in both states. It currently reaches an estimated population of three million people in more than 120 municipalities. They also have an online portal. Radio programming, similar to that of other Catholic networks, mixes journalism, entertainment and more formal religious programming. The portal has a large production of information on topics such as politics, economy, agriculture, security, education, health, culture, citizenship, environment, science and technology and religion. Angela Morais – President of RCR (2017-2019). She is a member of one of the RCR subnetworks, Rede Milícia Sat. Se o aplicativo já estiver instalado e você estiver utilizando um dispositivo Android, pressione o botão « Ouvir no RadiosNet Android » para abrir a rádio automaticamente no aplicativo. The third subnetwork is Rede Milícia Sat/Rádio Imaculada Conceição (State of São Paulo), founded in 1995 and composed of 6 stations in three Brazilian states: São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Alagoas. The generator is Radio Immaculate Conception – 1490 AM. He belongs to the Militia of the Immaculate, a public and international Christian association of pontifical right, founded in Rome in 1917 by St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe.

In Brazil, their activities began in 1987 and are financed by donations from the so-called Mílites. Radio Mantiqueira Mix FM – Vargem Grande do Sul / SP Just like it broadcasts on your link, it will also be broadcast on our website. That is, if the transmission of Internet radio is distorted, cut, with low volume or low quality, it will be played on our website in the same way. Unfortunately, Radio Ki Legal no longer broadcasts. If your list of favorite stations is not synchronized with the following table, click the Reload button. The oldest of these is Rede Aparecida (State of São Paulo), founded in 1935 by the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Most Holy Saviour and which received the first concession in 1951. The network transmits its program in medium wave (AM 920 kHz), short (49 meters – 6135 kHz – 31 meters – 9630 kHz – 25 meters – 11855 kHz) and tropical (60 meters – 5035 kHz), as well as an FM transmitter (Rádio Pop 909FM) for young audiences. They can also be configured online and via mobile apps. It belongs to the Fundação Nossa Senhora Aparecida, which is officially affiliated with the Catholic Church in Brazil and is also financially supported by the Clube dos Sócios (Partner Club). O que você deseja? Por favor, escolha uma opção abaixo:.

Because we are not responsible, it will not always be possible to solve the radio problem, especially if its transmission via the Internet is on the air. Reinforcing, they are not audio announcements inserted by the, but by the radio itself that generates the transmission. Les nouveaux partenaires de RCR sont Rede Pai Eterno et RCR Espírito Santo. Rede Pai Eterno (État de Goiás) appartient à la basilique Santuário et a été officiellement inauguré en 2012 lors d`un pèlerinage qui a lieu dans le sanctuaire. Il est généré par Rádio Vox Patris et comprend 10 stations dans 4 États et est présent dans plus de 500 villes. Enfin, RCR Espírito Santo est la version régionale de RCR dans l`État d`Espírito Santo, où le réseau compte trois stations (Rádios América 91.1 FM, América 690 AM et Líder 101.5 FM). This radio plays in an external window. Click the Listen Radio button to open it. RCR also participates in reporting with other Catholic press and television stations, the so-called “multimedia reports.” Some of the issues raised were: the presence of the Church in the legal Amazon in 2013; the Church`s activity during the flooding of the Madeira River in Porto Velho (State of Rondônia) in 2014; the populations and places affected by mining activity in the Serra dos Carajás in the state of Pará in 2016; and the situation in Bento Rodrigues district, one year after the Fundão dam burst in Mariana, Minas Gerais state, in 2016. They also produce multimedia content that is distributed through their portal, the Signis Brasil portal and social networks.

Padres, profissionais de rádio e politicos se reúnem no I Congresso de Rádio Católica do Brasil, reaizado em 28/03/2017, em Aparecida (SP). Access oct. 2017 Note: We are not responsible for the transmission of radios, our site only “tunes” what the radio already transmits via the Internet. To download the app is very simple! Press the “Available on Google Play” button if you are using an Android device or the “Download to appstore” button if you are using an iOS device. Le programme comprend des nouvelles, des débats, des nouvelles nationales et internationales. Les contenus sont diffusés par des programmes tels que Jornal Brasil Hoje, On Duty RCR, RCR em Debate, Igreja no Rádio, Consecção a Nossa Senhora, Palavra da CNBB (Conférence épiscopale nationale brésilienne), entre autres, de différentes régions du Brésil. Des rapports spéciaux sont également formulés, tels que l`élection du pape François au Vatican et les Journées mondiales de la jeunesse au Brésil, toutes deux en 2013. Délectez-vous des chansons du Top 40 de São Paulo, au Brésil, en vous connectant à Radio Ki Legal.

In recent years, RCR has worked on the production of joint national and international coverage projects. The result of this partnership is the production and distribution of “Christian journalistic content”. The Catholic Radio Network (RCR) is controlled by the Catholic Church. To listen to this radio, we recommend that you install the RadiosNet app for Android or iOS. To add contacts or social networks, use the update form.