Often, retailers are simply acting in good faith that the products they buy from a wholesaler can be sold legally, but retailers should question their suppliers when purchasing products that have well-known national brands, celebrity portraits or names, teams, schools, or other trademark or copyrighted elements. Requiring proof of license or verifying that the company is listed as an official licensee is a simple step that can save retailers thousands of confiscated products and legal fees. Attorney Andrea Sager said: “If the wholesaler doesn`t provide both, then what they`re doing is probably illegal and you certainly don`t need to do business with them.” Louis Vuitton has adapted its products to the needs of today`s luxury fashion consumers. They want to buy transparent and authentic products and are willing to abandon a brand that does not share the same core values. Louis Vuitton`s new trend is the result of the work of Virgil Abloh, who tragically passed away last November. This designer considered incorporating recycled and bio-based materials into BT products. Abloh has fought to give LV a sustainable perspective by achieving the label by 2030. So when does upcycling become trademark counterfeiting? According to lawyer Andrea Sager, “Upcycling is generally fair dealing. However, upcycling companies walk a VERY fine line.

When companies cut out a used designer handbag and add that material to another product, even if it`s a product from the same designer, it crosses the line. Adding bangs and your own touch to a product is fair use. It is considered art and not illegal. However, if you want to add a protected logo to another product, it is illegal because it misrepresents the product. I`m sure designers keep a close eye on upcycling companies to make sure they don`t cross that line. The problem is that the legal world does not have much knowledge about the practice and how to regulate it. This case raises many debates and doubts about the practice of upcycling by the fashion industry and its impact on the legal world. Many retailers believe that as long as they don`t produce counterfeit items, they would somehow be exempt from all legal consequences if they simply sold them. This is not the case, as Andrea Sager, an intellectual property attorney based in Texas, points out: “This is a big misconception, and it`s very important that anyone doing business understands it. States may have individual counterfeiting laws. However, it is important to know that ANYONE selling counterfeit or unlicensed products is subject to federal intellectual property laws and possibly federal law enforcement. It doesn`t matter if you bought from a wholesaler who bought from a manufacturer, which would leave you third in the chain.

Any company that sells the goods is subject to legal consequences. “The first legal aspect concerning intellectual property concerns the rights of trademark owners attached to processed products. The Brazilian Intellectual Property Law guarantees the trademark owner, in Article 130-III, the right to guarantee the material integrity and reputation of his trademark. When reading copies of letters received from retailers, the brand requires not only that all sales of counterfeit items be stopped, but also in a letter demanding that all sales documents be handed over for examination, that any product in stock be returned, and that all profits from the sale of counterfeit products be confiscated. Otherwise, the store could be subject to further legal proceedings. I`m sure you`ve wanted a cute Louis Vuitton handbag once in your life. But the standard bags were so much yesterday, I mean, everyone has one. What you really want is a repurposed handbag that is unique. In fact, they are more affordable than you think. So I round up cheap and reused Louis Vuitton handbags and recycled LV wallets together (some even have recycled fringes). These products are recycled and made from Louis Vuitton products purchased/used legally (depending on the seller). Which of these cheap BT handbags and accessories from Louis Vuitton is your favourite? If you`re looking for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull upcycling handbag, you`ve come to the right place.

Vintage boho bags make this beautiful model with fringes and embellishments.