YYLS is the first and only unincorporated association, devoted to young Yemeni lawyers and any individual affiliated with the legal profession, such as law academics, students and paralegals.

The Society strives to provide, a global network for its members  to connect, and an online platform to debate, discuss and share ideas, primarily related to domestic Yemeni law but also any social/legal topics or issues across the world.

YYLS does not support any political direction, however, it accepts that law and politics are closely intertwined, as such, a discussion on one with out the other lacks the necessary depth  for achieving a meaningful dialogue.

Further objectives of the society are:

  • To represent its members and promote their overall shared interests.
  • To empower women in the Yemeni legal profession and over all promote the principles of diversity and equality for all.
  • To facilitate and organize programs for the education and self development of its members.
  • To raise awareness of social and legal issues that are of interest to Yemen and the legal profession.

Our Structure

Our Team