The DSOA program supports older adults with disabilities who have received special disability services from the Continuity of Support Program (CoS) but who have not been eligible for the National Disability Insurance Plan (NDIS). Disclaimer: The Law Society makes no warranty for the work of any law firm listed or provided in a recommendation and is not responsible for any aspect of the legal services it may provide to you. Legal information and advice – contact Djinda Services at Women`s Legal Service WA – (08) 9200 2202. Advocacy and Support Services – contact Djinda Services at Relationships Australia (WA) – (08) 6164 0650. The Western Aboriginal Legal Service was founded by Essie Coffey,[1] George Winterton, Robert Français and others. [2] Winterton has previously provided pro bono legal advice to Aboriginal people. [3] Poverty and legal injustices suffered by Indigenous people in the region contributed to the founders` participation in their legal representation and advocacy; In 1969, Aboriginal people accounted for 25 per cent of Western Australia`s prison population, compared with only 2.5 per cent of the population. Curfews against Aborigines were common in some areas until the early 1970s, and there were also gratuitous detentions and physical assaults not provoked by the police. [4] Law Access processes requests for legal advice and seeks to match them with lawyers who offer pro bono support.

Law Access aims to help people who benefit most from legal counsel, who cannot afford private lawyers, or who receive help from other places (such as WA Legal Aid or CLCs). There are eligibility criteria to determine whether the legal problem is eligible for aid, as well as a means test. Other services include the Bail Support Service, the Prison Supervision Program, the Custody Notification Service, the Work Development Permit Service, Your Story Disability Legal Support, the Youth Engagement Program and Community Legal Education. If a customer is unable to attend, they can access our services by calling the free call advice center. Please note that when providing legal advice, the CCLSWA must speak directly to the person involved in the legal case. The Law Society has a register of its members (private lawyers and law firms). The directory can be consulted depending on the nature of the legal issue, the location of the lawyer and your language requirements. The directory lists only lawyers or law firms that pay for services that are members of the Law Society, and the results are displayed in random order. Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are non-profit community-based organizations that provide legal and support services to the public. There are 28 CLCs in the metropolitan and regional areas of Washington State. Generalist Centre – Provide a range of free services to eligible clients, including disability advocacy, financial advice, rental advice, legal advice, emergency assistance, and information and referral services. Read More Peel Community Legal Services offers free legal advice, free advocacy and community education.

Examples of areas of counselling include: Specialized Centre – Providing legal services to surviving victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or whose partners or children are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. If you need legal assistance in a state other than WA, please visit Community Legal Centres Australia. Law Access is a non-profit organization that helps people and community organizations find free legal advice. You can also check out the Find Legal Answers option to learn more about other places that may be helpful on certain topics. Below are the links and contact details of the 9 FVPLS services in Perth and the WA region. Some of them are operated by Aboriginal Family Legal Services. You can learn more about Community Legal WA. Visit each CIS website for information on their services and contact information. Please note that the service does not provide assistance to landlords or tenants in case of disputes between tenants.

Outreach services are also available in Narrogin and Moora FVPLS provide information, legal advice, referrals, case representation and advisory or support services. Their legal services include injunctions, child protection, compensation for injuries caused by domestic violence or sexual assault, child benefits and family law matters. Women living in Western Australia, with a focus on women who are most in need and who may have additional barriers to accessing legal advice, support and justice. Here is some information about other organizations that might be able to help you. What they can do for you, and any terms or costs of their services, is up to them. Our 26 municipal legal centres are located throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Western Australia. CCLSWA provides minor support and some legal representation to borrowers and consumers (not lenders, suppliers or manufacturers) in the above areas. To help us help as many people as possible, we ask our clients to volunteer based on the service they receive. In 1972, the group wrote to the Australian government asking for a small amount of money so that a list of lawyers could be available to represent The Aborigines on the ground. To their surprise, the new Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Gordon Bryant, finally answered a question about the financial support needed from the government to legally represent Aboriginal people throughout the state of Western Australia. [2] The service was originally operated from the Aboriginal Centre on Beaufort Street in Perth. [5] In 1973, it had “2 lawyers, 3 Aboriginal court officials, and a secretary.” [6] Visit the ALSWA website or call 1800 019 900 for more information on their services and offices.

Generalist Centre – Advice and information for low-income and other disadvantaged people in the Goldfields community. Service areas include Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Norseman, Salmon Gums, Gibson and Esperance. Below you will find a list of our centers, click on each center to get information about their services. The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (ALSWA) is a Western Australian organization founded in the early 1970s that provides legal advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It receives financial grants from the Commonwealth Department of the Attorney General of Australia and meets the requirements of that Department. It launched its on-call notification service on October 2, 2019. AFLS offers a range of services including: Kimberley CLS is located in Kununurra and Broome and offers outreach services throughout the Kimberley: from Derby, Halls Creek and Wyndham to remote communities such as Warmun, Balgo and Kalumburu. Domestic Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS) are specialized services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have experienced or are at risk of domestic violence or sexual assault. They offer low-cost legal advice on a variety of topics in locations across Western Australia, including Albany, Armadale, Bunbury, Esperance, Fremantle, Jonndalip, Kwinana, Mandruah, Midland and Rockingham. They can also help with the preparation of legal documents.

Legal Aid WA tries to help as many people as possible with their legal problems. But we can`t help everyone. Services may include letter writing, negotiations, and minor legal proceedings in the following areas of law: Most CLCs focus on specific client groups, legal issues, or geographic areas. Priority is often given to people who are disadvantaged or have special needs. CLCs offer different levels of service, ranging from legal advice to basic support to ongoing representation. We also offer community legal education sessions and workshops for local community groups and organizations on a range of legal issues. The Community Legal Centres Association WA is the umbrella organisation representing the twenty-eight community legal centres operating in the AO. They are committed to the principles of human rights, social justice and equality, including the equal rights of Western Australians in access to legal services. -31.95710110 115.86479170 1 /Youth Legal Service 1.

Youth Legal Service Specialist Centre – Providing free professional legal services to children and young people (under 25) residing in Western Australia.Read More Published: 07/08/2019 00:00:00 Author: Lisa Baxter -31.95652370 115.86516140 2 /womens-legal-service-wa 2nd.