This is another “law” that is often discussed by those who deal with strange laws in Florida. However, like the “law” discussed above, this is not true either. This probably comes from a more local law from many years ago, but there is no trace of that in today`s law. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to tie your elephant to a parking meter, you don`t have to pay any fees. However, you may have to worry about having to attach an elephant to a parking meter in the first place. Thanks for the comment, Jacqueline. We cite the regulations in some of our other articles about unusual state laws (such as Arizona). We will keep this recommendation in mind for future articles. From Florida, because it`s normal in Florida to say, “Well. There`s another guy rolling the barrel. Better to call it the buttocks.” Well, that`s it for this list of 24 of the most sensational laws in Florida.

There`s a good chance we`ll post more in the near future, so we hope you`ll like and follow our site and frequently look for new posts like this or maybe even better ones. There are definitely Florida-specific laws here! Did you know about these strange laws in Florida? Are there any others that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments! Can you believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to illegal things in Florida? Take a look at 11 other strange laws in Florida. It would be nice if you quoted the law so that people could find the laws themselves. Take a look at some of Florida`s most unique and sophisticated laws. Who knows, maybe you acted illegally all the time. So I decided to find some of them that are worth discussing, and here are 24 crazy laws in Florida that you should know! Of the strange laws in Florida, this one might be the hardest to break! Law 316.0085 states that it is illegal to skateboard in Florida without a license, and given the skateboarding community present in the Sunshine State, this is a difficult question! Either way, the old anti-capture laws were only effective if poachers managed to catch or kill at least one animal. With the addition of Bill 372.667, it has become illegal to attempt to hunt or “harass” these creatures in their natural habitats. Probably the worst thing I`ve found in my research on Florida`s crazy laws isn`t even a law. No, it`s so ingrained in the fabric of Florida law that they made it part of the Florida State Constitution! What the hell, as long as I can publicly float an unlimited amount of aerial cookies until 5:59:59 in the morning, I`m good.

Even Dracula had his curfew, now I have mine. Talk about strange laws in Florida. You also hear a lot about crazy laws that are still in the books in the statutes of the original thirteen colonies, which also makes sense in one way or another. But we never talk much about the crazy laws that exist in Florida. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Absolutely. Aside from the weird laws we`ve outlined above, there are a few other weird things in Florida that might blow your mind. For anyone who wants to travel, we have some weird and wonderful roadside attractions in Florida that are well worth the hike. For example, did you know that the world`s largest alligator is located at Christmas, Florida?! Or how about the Skunk Ape research headquarters in Ochopee? These spots are about as strange as possible. Just be sure to shave or grow well when you do. Otherwise, you`re violating a very different set of laws that don`t exist just in Florida.

When I read it, I had to read it several times just to make sure I was doing it right – I was. Chapter X – Section 9 of the Florida State Constitution states very clearly that the state has no retroactive effect for repealed laws! It`s one of those laws that I can`t really imagine why someone should take the time to bother to make a law. The only thing I can think of is related to the fact that Florida is pretty much the orange capital of the planet. Because this is the case, most of the largest producers of oranges and orange juice inhabit the state. It`s hard not to fall in love with some of the bizarre and outdated laws that still dot our history books. There are tons of strange laws in Florida that really make you think about the history behind them. For example, if you hear the first of the illegal things in Florida that we mention, you`ll wonder what was going on when a legislature enacted something like this. Too many beach musicals perhaps? Take a look at those weird things in Florida that are or were illegal at some point. Florida has weird criminals, so it seems entirely appropriate that we have weird old laws in the books. The way these obscure laws look, Florida Man has been around for a long time.

Did you know that all of these things are technically illegal in our state? Here are just 15 illegal things in Florida. Well, horse theft isn`t something people should do, but from Florida`s weird laws, this one might be the most intense. I really don`t think hanging is a punishment that we should hand out for anything, especially theft. And how do you go about stealing a horse? Those. The next thing you know is that they want to ban wrestling in dwarf mud! How do they expect these millennials to make it through puberty? And what about all these laws about the little people? Soon, Florida will ban watching The Wizard of Oz due to the exploitation of The Lollipop Guild. Most of the time, however, the “Florida man” does not break one of Florida`s strange laws, but one of the most important. Good luck you don`t see things differently after counting how many of these weird laws in Florida you and your friends have broken! There are so many things to do in Florida, but make sure you don`t break any of these strange laws! Thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society of the United States, many laws prevent the inhumane treatment of animals – including the fact that pregnant pigs are not locked in cages except for veterinary purposes. In the city of Pensacola, walking down the street is considered illegal. However, like most strange laws in Florida, this one requires more explanation. Does it only affect those who get into a literal barrel and drive on the road? Or is it “running” on the road running at a considerable speed? I hope, of course, that my lawyer knows this! While you may not get extreme sanctions for most of these violations, it`s always best to remain vigilant to avoid these strange legal consequences. If you`ve encountered legal issues for violating any of the above laws, contact a Tampa personal injury attorney today for more information.

Some of these laws may be as old as St. Augustine (the oldest city in the United States), but that doesn`t change the fact that they are written. To be clear, some of these laws are not part of Florida as a whole, only certain cities or places in Florida. Therefore, some laws may not apply to Miami Beach in Tampa. Although others still affect the entire state. Some of them receive only a fine, while others face a prison sentence. Remember, these laws were probably made because there were people who did these absurd things. So without further ado, let`s get started: this strange Florida law is especially worrisome when you think about Florida`s popular spring break destination. Spring break usually involves a lot of singing and a lot of swimsuits, and at some point, these two will surely mix! Of all the things that get into trouble with the law during spring break, singing in a swimsuit is not one of them. While this is often considered one of the strange laws in Florida, it`s not true – you don`t need a license to skateboard in Florida. This is because skaters are considered pedestrians. However, you are prohibited from skateboarding at a Miami police station.

You`ll be surprised how many states have strange laws! More information can be found here: What do you think of these strange laws in Florida? Some seem a bit dated, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Or if you have more fun facts about Florida that you want to share, be sure to shout them out too! This is one of the strange laws in Florida that is not just a law, but a crime itself! Who knows why Florida decided that men can`t show off their beautiful bustier dresses, but the rule of thumb is that they should just plug in the straps and take them out when the cops show up! While this may be one of the strange laws in Florida that could actually be useful to society, it`s still absurd to think that chatting with a friend could lead you to break a law. Chapter 836 of the Florida Statutes highlights exactly what you can`t say or do if you admit to talking about another person! This law in Tampa Bay is one of the strange laws in Florida where we wonder who exactly is responsible for drafting these laws. What do they have against cottage cheese? Florida: A state full of unique people, places and laws. While you may not feel affected by these particular laws if you need a criminal defense attorney or personal injury attorney, contact The Law Place today! Call us at (941) 444-4444 for your free consultation. Of course, there are other of these laws in the books in Florida, but for the latter, I knew I had to do everything I could. Do you want to make a guess? No? Okay, so I`ll tell you. This strange law in Florida must be aimed at schoolchildren, but how can we blame them for reacting when the teacher asks what his elephant makes? It turns out that Florida creates criminals at the age of 5! Laws exist to protect citizens and protect the rights of all.